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A reaction to the economic consequences of COVID-19 by contributing to ecological tourism industry.


Every crisis is also an opportunity to enact positive change. In 2020, as COVID-19 abruptly brought the world to a standstill, the sudden drop in most industrial activities has dramatically reduced air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Vision

However, ecologically sustainable development is always linked to the social and economic stability of an ecosystem. Our vision: sustainable tourism through solar energy.

Like so many others, we were confronted with new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we also had a chance to reflect on our business strategies and projects.

The Property - SMAK's Hotel

Overview SMAKs Hotel

«SMAK’s Hotel» is our boutique Hotel in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island – Philppines. It is our latest project since we already manage out travel agency «SYKE Travel & Tours» and our Restaurant and Bar «SMAK’s Restobar»


  • 2x Two Bedroom Apartments
  • 4x Double Rooms
  • 2x Double Room with Extra Bed


  • All bedrooms are equipped with Split Type Inverter Air-Conditioners
  • The two Apartments on the ground floor have each an Inverter Refrigerator
  • Four of the Bedrooms upstairs have a Mini Bar Fridge
  • All of the 10 Showers have each a flow heater
We want to provide our guests as many Hotel amenities as needed but we tried to avail devices with as low energy consumption as possible.
SMAK's Hotel

Problem Definition

We are facing an immediate future of increased uncertainty and heightened restrictions in the hotel industry. But the real challenge is still to make the operations more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable for the long run.

Bantayan Island - Facts and Figures

Bantayan Island Group
  • Population: 160’000 (EST, census 2015: 120’447)
  • Area: 108.77 km2 (Wikipedia)
  • Energy Consumption p.a.: 0.82 TWh (EST)
  • Energy Sources: 98% Fossil fuels (EST)

The island is administratively divided into three municipalities:

  • Bantayan (the largest municipality, covering the central part)
  • Madridejos (covering the northern portion)
  • Santa Fe (center of tourism in Bantayan Island, covering the southeastern portion)
Island Group
Bantayan is the main and largest island of the Bantayan island group  (around 20 Islands) that lies close to the geographical centre of the Philippine archipelago.

On our island, electricity is costly, produced mainly by diesel-fueled generators, and service is also often interrupted. So during the lock-down, we decided to get out of this outdated, fossil-fuel-driven cycle and get serious about a more sustainable future.

The Philippines

  • Population: 108.1 Mio.
  • Energy Consumption p.a.: 530 TWh
  • Energy Sources: 88% Fossil fuels



We want to use the abundant energy of the sun not only for moments of happiness for our guests, but also for independent climate-neutral production of power.

Project Specs

  • Avg. Sunshine hours per day on Bantayan Island: 5.83h *
  • Avg. Energy Consumption Monthly (70% Occupancy): 3422 kWh **
  • Roof Space (entire): 222 m2
  • Roof Space (useable, 65%): 144.5 m2
  • Standard Size Solar Panel: 1m x 1.7m = 1.7m2
  • Number of Solar Panels: 85
  • Av. Solar Electricity Production (Monthly): 4519 kWh
Through Solar Energy we could produce more than 120% of our monthly Energy usage with an average Occupancy of 70%. The average monthly electricity bill is about 10% of the total cost under normal operation and around 6% of the monthly revenue.
** Source: Monthly Electricity Bill (Bantayan Island Electricity Corp. BANELCO)

With a photovoltaic system, our hotel and home could both become independent of the heavily polluting local power plants and avoid the frequent power cuts – to the benefit of our guest, natural environment and global climate.

The money we save on our average monthly power bill will also allow us to create two or three more steady jobs for our community.

Fitted with photovoltaic panels, the 140 square meters of roof space at our hotel complex could produce more electricity than we consume, enabling us to grow our business sustainably as well as support some of our neighbors with carbon-neutral electricity.

We want to react to the economic and social consequences of COVID-19 by contributing to a more sustainable tourism industry in the Philippines.

Thank you!

Enjoy a memorable stay on the one of the most amazing islands of the Philippines or you will be immortalized on our Wall of Fame.

Food SMAK's Restobar

For higher amounts we will include more incentives like full board Travel Packages to Bantayan Island.

With your help, our project could begin to do just that as soon as 2021.

About us


My name is Stefan Welter. I am a 33 Years old architect from Switzerland, and first came to the Philippines to support swiss NGOs in the reconstruction of rural schools and houses on Bantayan Island.

Today, my wife Kristine (born in the Philippines, 1982), our son Martin (born in the Philippines, 2017) and I run a hotel on Bantayan Island with the help of our small but dedicated staff. The Name SMAK’s came out from the abbreviation of our Names: Stefan, Martin and Kristine.

Next to the Hotel we also manage a Restaurant (SMAK’s Restobar) like also a Travel Agency (SYKE Travel & Tours).

Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to welcome you on Bantayan Island soon!

This Project is a collaboration between SMAK’s Hotel, SWELTER Ventures and Phirstfilm GmbH.